Friday, June 21, 2013

Going to the 2013 BTCA National Specialty in Rhode Island

 Packed up and ready to get off to Rhode Island!  I've still got bed head!

 Don't forget the important ones!
We got here!  Long trip!  I'm tired but someone is still going strong!  He's like the energizer bunny and I'd like to bite both of them.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Now Time To Relax!

A guy's gotta have his comfort

More Earthdog and Conformation

We had earthdog this morning.  None of us passed.  Junior Earthdog had 5 qualifiers and most of them were also doing conformation in the afternoon.  Senior had no qualifiers.  Master had 1 qualifier, a Norfolk, and since no one qualified in Master on Friday this was the first of the weekend.

We got to see some of the residents of the farm where the earthdog was held.  These are just some of the guys.  The girls were elsewhere.
More residents (all are in good health even the one lying down)
The Michigan crew even arrived.  Nicholas the rescue dog (center) is looking great!
Following earthdog was conformation
Best of Breed:  Ch Ganymede's Hope and Glory
Best of Opposite:  Ch Russethill's Play with Fire
Best of Winners and Winners Dog:  GEORDIE!!! Jansim I'm Your Man
Winners Bitch:  Ganymede Keep The Faith
Best Puppy:  Ch Ganymede Maktawae TwilightSong

Saturday, June 25, 2011

All Breed Conformation Today

Geordie didn't get points.  Tribble got best puppy.  I need to go to bed.

Edited 26-Jun-2011
BOB:  Ch Duets About Last Night
BOS:  Ch Boldwind Naturally
BOW and Winners Bitch:  Roschel's Mariah
Best Puppy:  Faireview Double Back to Bandersnatch
I'm pretty sure that Vinne (Meadowlake Van Gogh) was Winners Dog, but could be wrong,  Here are the dog class winners; Open was Vinnie; Bred By was McHenry's Rage Against the Machine; Senior Puppy was Duets on Your Mark; and Junior Puppy was Radland's Conundrum's in the Sin Bin.
Here are the BOB, BOS, and BOW

Specialty Conformation Day

I have pictures, but am too tired to put them up tonight, plus I'm not feeling too good.  Here's one picture of Fells' conformation debut.
 The puppy in front, Jane Parker's Radland's Conundrum's in the Sin Bin won the class both in sweeps and regular.

Duet's on Your Mark was best in puppy sweeps and Fells' cousin Tribble (Faireview Double Back to Bandersnatch) was Best of Opposite

Ethan (Otterkin Blue Bayou Conundrum) won Veteran Sweeps and Ch Roschel's Firefly was Best of Opposite.  Below is a picture of Ethan with Kathy Wilkenson.

For the regular conformation
Best of Breed and Best of Winners and Winners Bitch was Roschel's Mariah
Best Puppy was Mariah's daughter Radland's Something's Bruin
Best of Opposite and Winners Dog was Meadowlake Van Gogh
AOM went to Ch Picer Wotta Conundrum
Best Veteran Dog was Ch Lothlorien Coniston JE!!!
Best Veteran Bitch was Ch Foxrun Clove R JE

I do have all the results and can give class results to anyone asking for them in the comments section, just tell me which you want.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Conformation in the Morning -- Earthdog in the afternoon.

It was a busy day today!  First we started with a conformation show.  I found a good seat to watch and take pictures.

A very pretty bitch won Best of Breed, Ch Picer Wotta Conundrum owned and shone by Jane Parker.

The Winners Dog and Best of Opposite was Tafkan McHenry Hendley Earnshaw owned by Kathy Sarvinas from Bred By and the Winner Bitch and Best of Winners was Redgate's Beacon of Light owned by Jen Holder from the puppy class.

Earthdog was fun for the dogs that got to run, but no one in my household or dog family qualified,  Fells cousin Tribble got an Intro leg though.

We helped do setup
 It was cloudy and occasionally rained throughout the day
Fells and Tribble enjoyed the puppy playpen, as did Fells and Tank and Geordie.  Here he is with Tribble.  You'd never guess they were cousin would you?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Arrived at the 2011 Border Terrier Canada National Specialty

Well we arrived in Ontario for the Border Terrier Canada National Specialty.  It was a long drive, but we're settled in.  Free and I checked out the bed.

Fells, my pup, aka the running, jumping, and chewing machine, got the training bed.

Tomorrow will have all breed conformation and earthdog.  I'm not entered in either so I will have time to report.  Free is going to do Senior and Fells Intro.  The Senior is tougher than what we normally see, but Free says that she's up for the challenge.