Sunday, June 27, 2010

That's more like it

Well at least as far as Colin is concerned
This is the Big G blogging for Colin - seems he was anxious to get back to Merriland - something about steak and sleeping on the bed as he did so well.
While some of us were stuck in crates (yet again) Colin and a few select buddies got to do Earthdog and with the promise of aforementioned steak - he actually qualified in Senior (though after eating a dowel he shouldn't really need a steak and could give it to me for blogging for him).
His travel buddy Tartan also qualified but in Junior and earned his Junior title as did a distant relative of mine called Rollie.
Anyway, Colin should be thankful he got out of here when he did because Geordie just came in from "a walk" and he is minus all his hair - SHE has been at it again.
I am sure Colin will catch up tomorrrow so this is the Big G signing off

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Conformation continued

After the specialty they had the conformation associated with the all breed show.  Jane Parker, who wasn't able to show during the specialty, showed Picer Wotta Conundrum to Best of Breed and Group 1.  Ch Ganymede's Pendragon was BOS.  Terriland Moonlight Singer was Best of Winners.  Duets About Last Night was Winners Bitch and Best Puppy.  She went on to get a Puppy Group 1 and Puppy Best of Show.  Here she is:

The conformation was followed by a dinner and silent auction.  They also awarded the first Molly Awards for dogs who most embarrass their owners by being bad and clever and I WON the Dog award.  There also was a bitch award.
I am SO proud!

Conformation Today and LOTS of it

Today we had two conformation competitions and a group dinner.

But first we had to start with grooming
The look on this poor dog show what we all think of it.  Personally I think that long unruly hair looks great.

Then the specialty started.  First was sweepstakes:

Best in puppy sweepstakes was Duets About Last Night, owner Beverly Kolb, from the Senior Puppy (9-12 months) Bitch class.  Best of Opposite was Foxrun Bangers N Mash, owner Jen Holder, from the Junior Puppy (6-9 months) Dog class.

Best in veteran sweepstakes was Ch Talex Good Thyme Gal JE, a bitch owned by Jen Holder.  BOS was Ch Conundrum Causin Chaos, owned by Michael Shoreman.

Then the regular classes:
Winners Bitch and Best of Breed was Roschel's  Mariah from the Open class, owned by Susan Newell and bred by Mike and Rosemary Shoreman.
Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex was Towzie Tyke Tartan from the Bred By class, owned by Wayne & Joyce Kirn

To give you an idea of the obsession all the people here have with grooming, here's Tartan waiting to go into breed
Well, okay, maybe a good brushing feels good.

Now some of you might have noted that my name isn't listed, I did go in today and showed my best.  Worked really hard to sparkle.  My sire on the other hand:
This is outside the ring, but I assure you that he wasn't much better when he was in the ring during breed.  The judge told the winners dog & bitch and veterans to relax in one corner while she went over the specials (including ME) and Roger took her literally.  He was pretty active during his actual showing though and won Best Veteran.  Me, the one who really worked the whole time, nothing.  Come on, he's 13 already, when is he going to retire?

Best Veteran Bitch was Ch Talex Good Thyme Gal JE.

To be continued

Friday, June 25, 2010

Conformation and Earthdog

Today was a combination conformation, grooming, and earthdog day.  I just sat in my crate in the car during conformation, but di the other two.  One of those was fun. 

  In conformation Skyline Medicine Man won Winners Dog and BOB and took a Group 2.

Conundrum Karatai Dudley won Reserve Winners Dog.

Yesterday, Picer Wotta Conundrum owned by David & Jane Parker and Michael & Rosemary Shoreman earned her championship.  Today she took BOS.

Winners Bitch, Best Puppy, and Puppy Group 2 was  Duet's About Last Night.
As she did yesterday, Reserve Winners Bitch was Pipruda Written Word Conundrum.

After conformation in the morning we did earthdog in the afternoon.  I had a great time and tried very hard, but couldn't get to the rats in time.  These Canadian tunnels are trickier than the ones at home, but I think that I have them figured out now.

Some of the dogs that earned Junior legs were my sister Maggie (TITLE!!), Towzie Tyke Tartan, and Rusty the rescue dog (Still looking for a home to call his own).

Then grooming.  It was a pain, literally.  What a guy has to go through to please his people!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pre-Specialty Conformation Thursday

All that happened today was conformation and I wasn't entered, so I was bored.  I mean, why bother to get up for just that.

Despite my opinion, we went anyway.  The judge was Adriano Bosa from Argentina.  Winners Dog and BOS was Skyline Medicine Man  owned by Susan Degraw.

Reserve Winners Dog was McHenry's Ewok of Endor.

Winners Bitch and Best of Breed was Picer Wotta Conundrum owned by David & Jane Parker and Michael & Rosemary Shoreman.  Reserve Winners Bitch was also shown by Jane and owned by the same people, Pipruda Written Word Conundrum.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Month, Another Specialty

I seem to have just recovered from one specialty and now another one is upon me.  Today we drove to Canada for the Border Terrier Canada National Specialty.  I've heard that Canadians are really friendly and that seems to be the case:

Here I am checking into the Mohawk College and Conference Center where we're going to be sleeping.  The staff seems to be dog friendly.  There's already quite a few dogs here with their people. Tomorrow I'll check out the fairgrounds.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Big G signing off

Well we have just crossed the border - no Tank, not a real Border just a pretend border - so the Bordermobile and Borderhauler are safely back in C eh N eh D eh. And the Maritime Mobile is not far behind.
Thanks nephew for letting me use your blog. Thanks also from Rusty he cannot believe how nice everyone was and he didn't get abandoned once. Boomer's complaining about not getting to any of the parties of course.
Anyway I am signing off unti Arrid Zona
The Big G.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010


It was very nice today in general.  We got there early so that my hair could be fussed with.  I don't know what this fixation on my hair is!  Free, Scrimmage, Roger, and Gunter all showed in Veterans and their people were very happy with them.  Then they did Working and I did my strutting around, but the judge wasn't impressed.  Oh well, maybe next year.

After the people had lunch and I had just crumbs, judging resumed.  Since it didn't concern me I slept.

People remarked a lot this year about how bad the barking has been getting.  Some local kennel club people came by to welcome us to the area and see how we liked the site.  They were trying to talk, but everyone had a hard time communicating because of all the dogs barking,  The KC people made a remark about how BTs are obviously the typical really noisy terriers and many of the BT people were embarrassed by how the breed was presenting themselves.

During obedience I was being noisier than I should have and I got in a lot of trouble, so I tried very very hard during the rest of the show to keep my mouth shut, so in general they aren't unhappy with me now.

I missed most of the classes after breed, so other people will have to report on them.  Sorry.    I do know though that many people were very impressed by the brace class this year.  This was well represented and a number of people commented that it would be very hard to judge it as there were a number of very nice and well matched dogs in it.

Then we went to the hotel and typed in results.

Tonight was the award dinner.  The Harry Award winner was Val Harris Baker and her owners Jayne and Mary Christie.  My breeder got an award too, for service to the breed, although for some reason it wasn't for producing me.

When we came back to the hotel we saw a moth, but I wasn't allowed to eat it.  Bummer.
Tomorrow we go home.  It was fun seeing all the people and dogs.  I hope that we can go next year, but I'm told that it's a long way from home for me.  We'll see.

Signing off....Colin

Rusty here

The Big G is way too tired from following his brother around so he let me post. (He's a pretty nice chap).
Well I've been to my first Special T and everyone seemed very nice - the nice person who watches golf and the fishing show with me wanted to take me in for Best Other Head (at least that's what I think it was) but she who the Big G says must be obeyed said it was a bad idea and I would have to wait until I could do earthdog or rally whatever they are.
She kept telling people I have a PAL number but still haven't found anyone to be my very special pal
Rusty in North Carolina

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More Results

BOB Ch Meadowlake Overnight Celebrity
BOS Ch Joyful's The Sound of Silence
BOW Fanfare Hues of Blue <-- and Best Bred By

Select Dog Ch Towzie Tyke Braw Lad JE
Select Bitch Ch Tyrolian Eight Belles At Meadowlake

Select Dog
Select Bitch
Ch Meadowlake Simply Irresistible
Ch Redgate's Prince Harry
Ch Bandersnatch Odyssey At Faireview
Bever Lea Miss Claiborne
Ch Meadowlake Van Gogh

Best Vet
Ch Towzie Tyke Laird O'Glenmore JE

Best Working
Ch Towzie Tyke Braw Lad JE

Sunday -- Veterans and Working

7-10 years dogs
1) Ch Towzie Tyke Laird O'Glenmore JE
2) Ch Foxbolt Blue Bayou SE
3) Ch Otterwise Opie ME RE
4) Kernow Corduroy

10-13 years dogs
1) Ch Standish's Tequila Sunrise CD NA JE

13 and Up dogs
1) Ch Jansim Holly Roger JE <-- My Dad
2) Ch Jansim Toad in the Hole ME CD <-- Uncle Gunter
3) Ch Hickory Ridge Jazzamatazz

7-10 years bitches
1) Ch Bever Lea Code Red CD RE OA NAJ JE
2) Ch Redeem's Ticker Tape
3) Ch Stradbrook's Apple Brandy
4) Ch Obans Gabbi Amazon Warrior

10-13 years bitches
1) Towzie Tyke Skara Brae
2) Lothlorien Scrimmage CD ME <-- My Mom
3) Towzie Tyke Dumfries RN SE OA OAJ <-- My Free
4) Ch Josannah's Play a Joyful Tune ME CD RE OA OAJ

13 and up bitches
1) Josanah's Joyful Encore ME CD RE OA OAJ

Working Dogs
1) Towzie Tyke Braw Lad JE
2) Ch Joyfui's R-E-S-P-E-C-T JE
3) Ch Sunrise It's My Life JE
4) Ch Greywoode Merlin JE

Working Bitches
1) Ch Bandersnatch Odyssey At Faireview JE
2) Ch Kenswith Tiny Planets JE
3) Ch Bandersnatch A Fine Romance JE
4) Ch Conundrum Iron Lady SE NA OAJ

Saturday -- Classes and Buffet

As said before, Saturday was HOT and HUMID.  I was stuck in the crate all day and even lying in the shade all day was draining.

The BTCA Store did a pretty good business with three new breed books to offer, 1996 that had my old housemate Harry in it, 2004, and 2005 that has ME! 

There are two raffles on going for the 2011 Specialty in Arizona,  One is for a cottage on the grounds where people and dogs can stay for the specialty.  The other is for a 2 hour Pink Jeep Tour for people and stay at a luxury resort (aka Debbie Pomery's house), during the tour, for their dogs if they want to have them stay there.  It sounds like a lot of fun.

After judging there was a BTCA membership meeting and since Free and I were still stuck in our crates right there we got to listen too.  During the meeting it started to rain and thunder and lightning and the HEAT BROKE,  Yay!

After the meeting there was a silent auction when Donna tried to buy me some obedience articles.  There were two sets there, but she kept getting outbidded, so I still have no articles.  ::Growl::  I LIKE that part of obedience and my articles seem to be falling apart.  I need new ones!

Then there was a buffet where the people ate while the dogs had to watch and starve.  It had been at least 2 or 3 hours since I had been given a kibble of food and it smelled really good.

We are really missing Jackie and Richard Kensler.  Such a sad thing to lose such a nice man.

Saturday -- Class Bitches

The girls were MUCH more fun to watch -- Colin

6-9 months
1) Meadowlake Brown Sugar
2) Foxburrow Goosebumps
3) Towzie Tyke Lil' Growler O'Stout
4) Ottersides Bit O'Hunny

9-12 months
1) McHenry's Good Charlotte
2) Hideaway's Fern Gully Of The Glen
3) Thistlepatch's Derby Pie
4) Wildwood Clematis Nellie Moser

12-18 months
1) Faireview's Stirrup Trouble
2) Wicklow-Sandalot's What Goes Around Comes Around
3) Otterside Of The Pond
4) Primrose Hideaways Lindy O'Wagginaire

1) Rooksgate Waymark To Aldergate TD RE JE
2) Sunkist Soap On A Rope CD RE NAJ

Bred By
1) Bever Lea Miss Claiborne
2) Foxburrow Call Girl
3) Topshelf Tumbleweed Connection
4) Kevrah Wish Upon a Star

1) Windsor Otterby Devil May Care
2) Sherwood's Starcatcher
3) Wicklow Live Wire

1) Sunrise Devine Design
2) Thistlepatch's Icing On The Cake
3) Rowan Hazel's Moxie Lady
4) Towzie Tyke Toura Loura Loura

Winners Bitch
1) Bever Lea Miss Claiborne
2) Foxburrow Call Girl

Saturday -- Class Dogs

Colin here. Well we didn't do much on Saturday, but I was still tired.

It was just so hot out.

I didn't even take any pictures.

Saturday started with the puppy dogs (and it was so humid it felt hot even then)
6-9 month puppies
1) Meadowlake Fountainebleau
2) Happy Hobbits Bilbo Baggins
3) Windward Levi
4) Dusty Miller Dixon

9-12 months
1) McHenry's Rocket J Squirrel
2) Redgate's Call Me Mr. Blue
3) Aberjona's Tabula Rasa

12-18 months
1) Dixieland's Jazz Beau
2) Wicklows-Sandalots Dandy Little Man
3) Meadowlake You Ain't See Nothing Yet
4) Greywoode Cooper Hawk II At Aldergate RN

1) L'Dickens Tarlu Tinker JE
2) Shivaree Jansim Eureka <-- Mr Tumnus
3) Bendywood & Bud's Gold Leaf

1) Fanfare Hues of Blue
2) Foxburrow High Roller
3) Foxburrow Once In A Blue Moon
4) Wildwood Wayward Angel

1) Sherwood's Little Dot Tatter

1) Bendywood's Rockets Blue Glare
2) Hapsberg In Hot Pursuit
3) Peaceable Stewart of Appin
4) Charbo With a Little Help From My Friends

Winners Dog
1) Fanfare Hues of Blue -- Shelby Russell-Diaz
2) Foxburrow High Roller -- K Fitzpatrick & T Bradley III

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Roger here. While that nuisance son of mine is off admiring himself in the mirror I get to have my say.
It was a long hot day and I either got dragged around with "her" or stuffed in an x-pen. Something about my proclivity to chew things I shouldn' idea what they are talking about.
Pam was showing off a couple of my grandkids then I got fussed over with mumbling about tomorrow being my I getting extra treats?
I did get to meet a cool guy. He was born somewhere in Eastern Europe, sent here, then spent a couple of years in a not nice house, chicken wire was mentioned. He is with a nice lady now who is teaching him his manners and looking for a nice forever home for him, like that other cool guy Rusty is looking for.
"she" took a picture of him - here is his picture.
I think Colin is heading this way- GTG! - Roger

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday -- Sweepstakes and BBQ

Today was the puppy and veterans sweepstakes.  I put some results up.  Here are some pictures of the day.

Gunter and Amanda had fun in 13+ dog sweeps

The 12 to 15 month bitch sweepstakes class was very competitive

At lunch, they had a 50 year anniversary cake and champagne punch (people not dogs)

Tonight we had a BBQ and dancing (people not dogs -- I thought that this was OUR specialty)

I think that little Cinna (who was in my obedience team) is very cute.

Puppy Bitch Sweeps

6 to 9 months
1) Bever Lea Miss Claiborne
2) Foxburrow Call Girl
3) Meadowlake Brown Sugar
4) Sunkist Salty Snack

9-12 months
1) Bendywood's From Rags to Riches
2) Thistlepatch's Derby Pie
3) Otley's Nella Sweet
4) Rogue's Fiona JE

12-15 months
1) Ch Meadowlake's Sharp Dressed Girl
2) Ch Lyrical's Shake Your Moneymaker
3) Kevrah Wish Upon a Star
4) Giles Hill Calling the Moon

15-18 months
1) Ch Happy Hobbits Kiwi Rose
2) Windsor Otterby Devil May Care
3) Happy Hobbits Hatshepsut Rose

Puppy Dog Sweeps

6-9 months
1) Faireview Mile Marker
2) Foxburrow Once in a Blue Moon
3) Foxburrow High Roller
4) Meadowlake Fontainebleau

9-12 months
1) Redgate's Call Me Mr. Blue
2) Otterwise Jereminah
3) Rogue's Irish Whiskey
4) McHenry's Rocket J Squirrel

12-15 months
1) Ch Meadowlake And The Beat Goes On
2) Ch Faireview's Roar of the Crowd
3) Ch Lyrical's BoomBoom Out Go The Lights
4) Meadowlake You Ain't See Nothing Yet

15-18 months
1) Greywoode Cooper Hawk II At Aldergate RN
2) McHenry Heathcliff
3) McHenry's Rage Against the Machine

Veteran Sweepstakes Results

Veteran Sweepstakes

7 to 10 yo dogs
1) Ch Sunrise It's My Life JE -- Janice Moore
2-4th) missed them

10 to 13 yo dogs
1 maybe) Ch Standish's Tequila Sunrise CD NA JE -- Janice and Timothy Moore

13+ dogs
1) Ch Hickory Ridge Jazzamatazz -- Robert and Arden LeBlanc
2) Ch Jansim Holly Roger JE -- Anna Robaczewski  <-- my Dad
3) Ch Jansim Toad in the Hole -- Pam Dyer <-- The Big G aka Uncle Gunter

7 to 10 yo bitches
1) Ch Peaceable Silverbelle -- Holly and Anne Woodward
2) Ch Bever Lea Code Red CD RE OA NAJ JE -- William and Linda Singleton
3) Ch Oban's Gabbi Amazon Warrior -- L Collins and J LaFreniere and E Hetherington
4) Ch Dixieland Geordie Lass CD RE ME -- Norma Mullins

10 to 13 yo bitches
1) Ch Josannah's Play a Joyful Tune ME CD RE OA OAJ -- Debbie Greer
2) Towzie Tyke Skara Brae -- Wayne & Joyce Kirn
3) Ch Bendywood's Court Jester -- Betsy Kirkpatrick & Cindy Peebles
4) Towzie Tyke Dumfries RN SE OA OAJ -- Donna Sapp  <-- My Free

13+ bitches
1) Josanah's Joyful Encore ME CD RE OA OAJ -- Debbie Greer

Best Vet
Sunrise It's My Life
Best of Opposite
Peaceable Silverbelle

Some Obedience Results

Novice A -- no Qs
Novice B -- 1st -- No Autographs Please with Ken Nelson
                    2nd -- Riverside Let It Ride  with Juliana Hite or Bev Novak
                    3rd -- Tyneside Thistle Arwen Beloved with Donna Jo Willett
Open A -- 1st -- Sunkist Smoke and Mirrors with Billie Rosen
Open B -- 1st -- Tyneside Danby Roulette with Jane Worstell
Utility A -- no Qs
Utility B -- 1st -- Tyneside Danby Roulette with Jane Worstell
High Combined and HIT -- Tyneside Danby Roulette

Team Winners
Norbury Brendens Teazle -- Gwen McCullagh
Lorien's Irish Digger -- Kerry Boisvert
Foxmoor Rain Delay -- Judith Gilman
L'Dickens Bandersnatch Devilry -- Marg Pough

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday -- Obedience, Rally, and Races

Today we did obedience in the morning.  I did Open and Free did Novice.  Neither of us qualified.  Here's a picture of our friend Scruffy.  He did utility and did the articles great, but he didn't qualify either.
 After regular obedience we did team obedience.  There were five teams.  The first place team had blue t-shirts and my cousin Teazle was on it.  There was also a team dressed with sun t-shirts called the Sunkist Sweeties, a team called South of the Border, a team dressed in Ohio State red and white, and my team.  We dressed like we were ready to ride out on our Harleys.  My flame collar worked well in the theme.  We were the toughest looking team, but unfortunately we came in last.  It was NOT all my fault!

After obedience was rally obedience.  I wasn't entered, but Free did Advanced.  She didn't qualify.  We really enjoyed watching Pam and Gunter and Anna and Roger debut in Novice.  These two 13 years old littermates did great!  Both qualified and both placed.

After Rally was races.  Free did these while I rested.  She said that they were a lot of fun and really exciting, even though it was really hot out there.  She ran in the veterans division.

Since we weren't able to get the complete qualifying information from MB-F, we can't put the obedience or rally results up on the web site.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday -- Earthdog and Agility

Today we ran earthdog and other dogs did agility.  The full results are on the Border Terrier Club of America web site,  I added the link to this post directly to them.

Both Free and I ran Master.  It was lots of fun, but they only let me do it once.  I wanted to do in again, because I almost got through those bars.  One more chance and I might have been able to do it.  The people claim that I didn't do it completely right because I insisted that the rats were still in the den when they were really in the entrance, but I smelled them in the den!  I really did!

Here are some pictures:

The Master judge checking the liners and tunnel yesterday, prior to it being fully buried.

A group of great people helping to get the ground back to normal after the trial was run and the liners removed.  The liners were brought all the way from Florida.  The Tampa Bay Earthdog Club really saved the day by letting use use their liners and Mike Mossey was great to haul them all the way up and back.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday -- Tracking, Build an Agility Course, and Dig Earthdog Tunnels

Tuesday was a busy day for people, but really really boring for dogs, unless I guess you were entered in tracking.  So a brief summary of things that happened while I waited and waited for something to do.
1) No Border Terriers qualified in tracking
2) The agility course was built in the arena.
3) My people spent ALL DAY digging tunnels and putting up fencing and talking about earthdog and no time with me.  They even ate pizza while I watched and starved, both for attention and food.

Here's a picture of Free and me, finally out of our crates, but still bored.

Here are Roger and Hazel, who had a harder day:

Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday -- Still Getting Ready...and FOOD

I see that poor Rusty got a chance to post.  I hope that someone adopts him soon so that he can have a permanent home and family soon.

As far as the specialty, more and more people and dogs are showing up now.  I was fun barking greetings as each new one came.  Then we got yelled at and had to be quieter.

For dinner the people had shish-ka-bobs!

One fell onto the floor and we got to have a piece of it.

Ready for more fun tomorrow!!



This is awesome
The big G gave me his spot.
I cannot believe this trip, so many terrific dogs and food and people and no-one has abandone me - yet - OK - still have my concerns but I did here that nice Chris person say it had to be the right home whatever that means.
Just me - Not So Rusty
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday at the Specialty Site

Well it appears that The Big G (aka my Uncle Gunter) has hijacked my blog a bit.  I was told that I have to let him, have respect for my elders and all that (He's 13....really old!).

Anyway, we got to the specialty site in Tryon, North Carolina today, after a long drive.  The RV area is ready for people to come in.

Behind me is the covered arena where everything but tracking and earthdog will take place.  I'm supposed to do obedience in there on Thursday.  We'll see.  Tomorrow I have to help with getting earthdog planned. Today, I tried very hard to convince the people to let me help with the rats, but they claimed that my sort of help wasn't wanted.  Boy, I wish they had let me loose with them.

Geordie and Mom on Mother's Day

Since it's Mothers Day, Geordie asked if I could post a picture of him with his mother Hazel.  They've been hanging out together and having fun on their travels.  They both came all the way from Nova Scotia to North Carolina and are ready for the fun to begin.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Declan's birthday

Declan's birthday
Not !!!
Let me tell you if I had to spend MY birthday in a crate while our persons sat around eating chicken I would not be such a gentleman as my future something-in-paw.
Any more of this and we might need a pawtition.
The Big G

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On the road again

Rats alive we got ourselves a convoy.
Me, niece Boomy, rescue Rusty and great (actually very small) niece Tank in the pickup with the mobile kitchen and dog beds. The whippety thing and Zeke (can I pretend he's not related) with Medrick's people in the Bordermobile. My ex wife Daisy in her own van. Brother Roger, nieces Hazel and Maggie and another great (nobody asked my opinion) nephew Geordie in the maritime mobile and finally daughter Teazle, Colin's potential brother-in-law Declan and the Special T RATS in the green machine.
We will meet up with nephew Colin and buddy Free tonight.
The Big G

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Starting a New Border Terrier Specialty Blog

All our entries are in for the 2010 Border Terrier Specialty in North Carolina. We're leaving tomorrow. Free and I have been supervising the packing and we've made sure that we have:
- dog food
- dog biscuits
- collars and leashes
- crates with soft pads to lie on
- an ex-pen and a shade tent to go over it.
- fans with extra batteries
- all our bowls and plenty of water

I hope that we don't forget anything.

There are people things too, but they'll have to be fit around our stuff.