Sunday, June 27, 2010

That's more like it

Well at least as far as Colin is concerned
This is the Big G blogging for Colin - seems he was anxious to get back to Merriland - something about steak and sleeping on the bed as he did so well.
While some of us were stuck in crates (yet again) Colin and a few select buddies got to do Earthdog and with the promise of aforementioned steak - he actually qualified in Senior (though after eating a dowel he shouldn't really need a steak and could give it to me for blogging for him).
His travel buddy Tartan also qualified but in Junior and earned his Junior title as did a distant relative of mine called Rollie.
Anyway, Colin should be thankful he got out of here when he did because Geordie just came in from "a walk" and he is minus all his hair - SHE has been at it again.
I am sure Colin will catch up tomorrrow so this is the Big G signing off

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Conformation continued

After the specialty they had the conformation associated with the all breed show.  Jane Parker, who wasn't able to show during the specialty, showed Picer Wotta Conundrum to Best of Breed and Group 1.  Ch Ganymede's Pendragon was BOS.  Terriland Moonlight Singer was Best of Winners.  Duets About Last Night was Winners Bitch and Best Puppy.  She went on to get a Puppy Group 1 and Puppy Best of Show.  Here she is:

The conformation was followed by a dinner and silent auction.  They also awarded the first Molly Awards for dogs who most embarrass their owners by being bad and clever and I WON the Dog award.  There also was a bitch award.
I am SO proud!

Conformation Today and LOTS of it

Today we had two conformation competitions and a group dinner.

But first we had to start with grooming
The look on this poor dog show what we all think of it.  Personally I think that long unruly hair looks great.

Then the specialty started.  First was sweepstakes:

Best in puppy sweepstakes was Duets About Last Night, owner Beverly Kolb, from the Senior Puppy (9-12 months) Bitch class.  Best of Opposite was Foxrun Bangers N Mash, owner Jen Holder, from the Junior Puppy (6-9 months) Dog class.

Best in veteran sweepstakes was Ch Talex Good Thyme Gal JE, a bitch owned by Jen Holder.  BOS was Ch Conundrum Causin Chaos, owned by Michael Shoreman.

Then the regular classes:
Winners Bitch and Best of Breed was Roschel's  Mariah from the Open class, owned by Susan Newell and bred by Mike and Rosemary Shoreman.
Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex was Towzie Tyke Tartan from the Bred By class, owned by Wayne & Joyce Kirn

To give you an idea of the obsession all the people here have with grooming, here's Tartan waiting to go into breed
Well, okay, maybe a good brushing feels good.

Now some of you might have noted that my name isn't listed, I did go in today and showed my best.  Worked really hard to sparkle.  My sire on the other hand:
This is outside the ring, but I assure you that he wasn't much better when he was in the ring during breed.  The judge told the winners dog & bitch and veterans to relax in one corner while she went over the specials (including ME) and Roger took her literally.  He was pretty active during his actual showing though and won Best Veteran.  Me, the one who really worked the whole time, nothing.  Come on, he's 13 already, when is he going to retire?

Best Veteran Bitch was Ch Talex Good Thyme Gal JE.

To be continued

Friday, June 25, 2010

Conformation and Earthdog

Today was a combination conformation, grooming, and earthdog day.  I just sat in my crate in the car during conformation, but di the other two.  One of those was fun. 

  In conformation Skyline Medicine Man won Winners Dog and BOB and took a Group 2.

Conundrum Karatai Dudley won Reserve Winners Dog.

Yesterday, Picer Wotta Conundrum owned by David & Jane Parker and Michael & Rosemary Shoreman earned her championship.  Today she took BOS.

Winners Bitch, Best Puppy, and Puppy Group 2 was  Duet's About Last Night.
As she did yesterday, Reserve Winners Bitch was Pipruda Written Word Conundrum.

After conformation in the morning we did earthdog in the afternoon.  I had a great time and tried very hard, but couldn't get to the rats in time.  These Canadian tunnels are trickier than the ones at home, but I think that I have them figured out now.

Some of the dogs that earned Junior legs were my sister Maggie (TITLE!!), Towzie Tyke Tartan, and Rusty the rescue dog (Still looking for a home to call his own).

Then grooming.  It was a pain, literally.  What a guy has to go through to please his people!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pre-Specialty Conformation Thursday

All that happened today was conformation and I wasn't entered, so I was bored.  I mean, why bother to get up for just that.

Despite my opinion, we went anyway.  The judge was Adriano Bosa from Argentina.  Winners Dog and BOS was Skyline Medicine Man  owned by Susan Degraw.

Reserve Winners Dog was McHenry's Ewok of Endor.

Winners Bitch and Best of Breed was Picer Wotta Conundrum owned by David & Jane Parker and Michael & Rosemary Shoreman.  Reserve Winners Bitch was also shown by Jane and owned by the same people, Pipruda Written Word Conundrum.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Month, Another Specialty

I seem to have just recovered from one specialty and now another one is upon me.  Today we drove to Canada for the Border Terrier Canada National Specialty.  I've heard that Canadians are really friendly and that seems to be the case:

Here I am checking into the Mohawk College and Conference Center where we're going to be sleeping.  The staff seems to be dog friendly.  There's already quite a few dogs here with their people. Tomorrow I'll check out the fairgrounds.