Sunday, June 27, 2010

That's more like it

Well at least as far as Colin is concerned
This is the Big G blogging for Colin - seems he was anxious to get back to Merriland - something about steak and sleeping on the bed as he did so well.
While some of us were stuck in crates (yet again) Colin and a few select buddies got to do Earthdog and with the promise of aforementioned steak - he actually qualified in Senior (though after eating a dowel he shouldn't really need a steak and could give it to me for blogging for him).
His travel buddy Tartan also qualified but in Junior and earned his Junior title as did a distant relative of mine called Rollie.
Anyway, Colin should be thankful he got out of here when he did because Geordie just came in from "a walk" and he is minus all his hair - SHE has been at it again.
I am sure Colin will catch up tomorrrow so this is the Big G signing off

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