Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday -- Class Bitches

The girls were MUCH more fun to watch -- Colin

6-9 months
1) Meadowlake Brown Sugar
2) Foxburrow Goosebumps
3) Towzie Tyke Lil' Growler O'Stout
4) Ottersides Bit O'Hunny

9-12 months
1) McHenry's Good Charlotte
2) Hideaway's Fern Gully Of The Glen
3) Thistlepatch's Derby Pie
4) Wildwood Clematis Nellie Moser

12-18 months
1) Faireview's Stirrup Trouble
2) Wicklow-Sandalot's What Goes Around Comes Around
3) Otterside Of The Pond
4) Primrose Hideaways Lindy O'Wagginaire

1) Rooksgate Waymark To Aldergate TD RE JE
2) Sunkist Soap On A Rope CD RE NAJ

Bred By
1) Bever Lea Miss Claiborne
2) Foxburrow Call Girl
3) Topshelf Tumbleweed Connection
4) Kevrah Wish Upon a Star

1) Windsor Otterby Devil May Care
2) Sherwood's Starcatcher
3) Wicklow Live Wire

1) Sunrise Devine Design
2) Thistlepatch's Icing On The Cake
3) Rowan Hazel's Moxie Lady
4) Towzie Tyke Toura Loura Loura

Winners Bitch
1) Bever Lea Miss Claiborne
2) Foxburrow Call Girl

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