Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday -- Veterans and Working

7-10 years dogs
1) Ch Towzie Tyke Laird O'Glenmore JE
2) Ch Foxbolt Blue Bayou SE
3) Ch Otterwise Opie ME RE
4) Kernow Corduroy

10-13 years dogs
1) Ch Standish's Tequila Sunrise CD NA JE

13 and Up dogs
1) Ch Jansim Holly Roger JE <-- My Dad
2) Ch Jansim Toad in the Hole ME CD <-- Uncle Gunter
3) Ch Hickory Ridge Jazzamatazz

7-10 years bitches
1) Ch Bever Lea Code Red CD RE OA NAJ JE
2) Ch Redeem's Ticker Tape
3) Ch Stradbrook's Apple Brandy
4) Ch Obans Gabbi Amazon Warrior

10-13 years bitches
1) Towzie Tyke Skara Brae
2) Lothlorien Scrimmage CD ME <-- My Mom
3) Towzie Tyke Dumfries RN SE OA OAJ <-- My Free
4) Ch Josannah's Play a Joyful Tune ME CD RE OA OAJ

13 and up bitches
1) Josanah's Joyful Encore ME CD RE OA OAJ

Working Dogs
1) Towzie Tyke Braw Lad JE
2) Ch Joyfui's R-E-S-P-E-C-T JE
3) Ch Sunrise It's My Life JE
4) Ch Greywoode Merlin JE

Working Bitches
1) Ch Bandersnatch Odyssey At Faireview JE
2) Ch Kenswith Tiny Planets JE
3) Ch Bandersnatch A Fine Romance JE
4) Ch Conundrum Iron Lady SE NA OAJ

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