Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday -- Obedience, Rally, and Races

Today we did obedience in the morning.  I did Open and Free did Novice.  Neither of us qualified.  Here's a picture of our friend Scruffy.  He did utility and did the articles great, but he didn't qualify either.
 After regular obedience we did team obedience.  There were five teams.  The first place team had blue t-shirts and my cousin Teazle was on it.  There was also a team dressed with sun t-shirts called the Sunkist Sweeties, a team called South of the Border, a team dressed in Ohio State red and white, and my team.  We dressed like we were ready to ride out on our Harleys.  My flame collar worked well in the theme.  We were the toughest looking team, but unfortunately we came in last.  It was NOT all my fault!

After obedience was rally obedience.  I wasn't entered, but Free did Advanced.  She didn't qualify.  We really enjoyed watching Pam and Gunter and Anna and Roger debut in Novice.  These two 13 years old littermates did great!  Both qualified and both placed.

After Rally was races.  Free did these while I rested.  She said that they were a lot of fun and really exciting, even though it was really hot out there.  She ran in the veterans division.

Since we weren't able to get the complete qualifying information from MB-F, we can't put the obedience or rally results up on the web site.

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