Saturday, May 15, 2010


Roger here. While that nuisance son of mine is off admiring himself in the mirror I get to have my say.
It was a long hot day and I either got dragged around with "her" or stuffed in an x-pen. Something about my proclivity to chew things I shouldn' idea what they are talking about.
Pam was showing off a couple of my grandkids then I got fussed over with mumbling about tomorrow being my I getting extra treats?
I did get to meet a cool guy. He was born somewhere in Eastern Europe, sent here, then spent a couple of years in a not nice house, chicken wire was mentioned. He is with a nice lady now who is teaching him his manners and looking for a nice forever home for him, like that other cool guy Rusty is looking for.
"she" took a picture of him - here is his picture.
I think Colin is heading this way- GTG! - Roger

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