Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday -- Earthdog and Agility

Today we ran earthdog and other dogs did agility.  The full results are on the Border Terrier Club of America web site,  I added the link to this post directly to them.

Both Free and I ran Master.  It was lots of fun, but they only let me do it once.  I wanted to do in again, because I almost got through those bars.  One more chance and I might have been able to do it.  The people claim that I didn't do it completely right because I insisted that the rats were still in the den when they were really in the entrance, but I smelled them in the den!  I really did!

Here are some pictures:

The Master judge checking the liners and tunnel yesterday, prior to it being fully buried.

A group of great people helping to get the ground back to normal after the trial was run and the liners removed.  The liners were brought all the way from Florida.  The Tampa Bay Earthdog Club really saved the day by letting use use their liners and Mike Mossey was great to haul them all the way up and back.

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