Sunday, May 16, 2010


It was very nice today in general.  We got there early so that my hair could be fussed with.  I don't know what this fixation on my hair is!  Free, Scrimmage, Roger, and Gunter all showed in Veterans and their people were very happy with them.  Then they did Working and I did my strutting around, but the judge wasn't impressed.  Oh well, maybe next year.

After the people had lunch and I had just crumbs, judging resumed.  Since it didn't concern me I slept.

People remarked a lot this year about how bad the barking has been getting.  Some local kennel club people came by to welcome us to the area and see how we liked the site.  They were trying to talk, but everyone had a hard time communicating because of all the dogs barking,  The KC people made a remark about how BTs are obviously the typical really noisy terriers and many of the BT people were embarrassed by how the breed was presenting themselves.

During obedience I was being noisier than I should have and I got in a lot of trouble, so I tried very very hard during the rest of the show to keep my mouth shut, so in general they aren't unhappy with me now.

I missed most of the classes after breed, so other people will have to report on them.  Sorry.    I do know though that many people were very impressed by the brace class this year.  This was well represented and a number of people commented that it would be very hard to judge it as there were a number of very nice and well matched dogs in it.

Then we went to the hotel and typed in results.

Tonight was the award dinner.  The Harry Award winner was Val Harris Baker and her owners Jayne and Mary Christie.  My breeder got an award too, for service to the breed, although for some reason it wasn't for producing me.

When we came back to the hotel we saw a moth, but I wasn't allowed to eat it.  Bummer.
Tomorrow we go home.  It was fun seeing all the people and dogs.  I hope that we can go next year, but I'm told that it's a long way from home for me.  We'll see.

Signing off....Colin

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