Friday, May 14, 2010

Veteran Sweepstakes Results

Veteran Sweepstakes

7 to 10 yo dogs
1) Ch Sunrise It's My Life JE -- Janice Moore
2-4th) missed them

10 to 13 yo dogs
1 maybe) Ch Standish's Tequila Sunrise CD NA JE -- Janice and Timothy Moore

13+ dogs
1) Ch Hickory Ridge Jazzamatazz -- Robert and Arden LeBlanc
2) Ch Jansim Holly Roger JE -- Anna Robaczewski  <-- my Dad
3) Ch Jansim Toad in the Hole -- Pam Dyer <-- The Big G aka Uncle Gunter

7 to 10 yo bitches
1) Ch Peaceable Silverbelle -- Holly and Anne Woodward
2) Ch Bever Lea Code Red CD RE OA NAJ JE -- William and Linda Singleton
3) Ch Oban's Gabbi Amazon Warrior -- L Collins and J LaFreniere and E Hetherington
4) Ch Dixieland Geordie Lass CD RE ME -- Norma Mullins

10 to 13 yo bitches
1) Ch Josannah's Play a Joyful Tune ME CD RE OA OAJ -- Debbie Greer
2) Towzie Tyke Skara Brae -- Wayne & Joyce Kirn
3) Ch Bendywood's Court Jester -- Betsy Kirkpatrick & Cindy Peebles
4) Towzie Tyke Dumfries RN SE OA OAJ -- Donna Sapp  <-- My Free

13+ bitches
1) Josanah's Joyful Encore ME CD RE OA OAJ -- Debbie Greer

Best Vet
Sunrise It's My Life
Best of Opposite
Peaceable Silverbelle

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