Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday -- Class Dogs

Colin here. Well we didn't do much on Saturday, but I was still tired.

It was just so hot out.

I didn't even take any pictures.

Saturday started with the puppy dogs (and it was so humid it felt hot even then)
6-9 month puppies
1) Meadowlake Fountainebleau
2) Happy Hobbits Bilbo Baggins
3) Windward Levi
4) Dusty Miller Dixon

9-12 months
1) McHenry's Rocket J Squirrel
2) Redgate's Call Me Mr. Blue
3) Aberjona's Tabula Rasa

12-18 months
1) Dixieland's Jazz Beau
2) Wicklows-Sandalots Dandy Little Man
3) Meadowlake You Ain't See Nothing Yet
4) Greywoode Cooper Hawk II At Aldergate RN

1) L'Dickens Tarlu Tinker JE
2) Shivaree Jansim Eureka <-- Mr Tumnus
3) Bendywood & Bud's Gold Leaf

1) Fanfare Hues of Blue
2) Foxburrow High Roller
3) Foxburrow Once In A Blue Moon
4) Wildwood Wayward Angel

1) Sherwood's Little Dot Tatter

1) Bendywood's Rockets Blue Glare
2) Hapsberg In Hot Pursuit
3) Peaceable Stewart of Appin
4) Charbo With a Little Help From My Friends

Winners Dog
1) Fanfare Hues of Blue -- Shelby Russell-Diaz
2) Foxburrow High Roller -- K Fitzpatrick & T Bradley III

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